Under his moniker, Thai tea (stylized as “ThaiteA”), sound designer and producer Atthoriq Putra invite listeners in his new project as a self-producing artist to take their time off for a self-recognition through a romantic battle of conflict that happens within oneself.
“Afraid” was birthed through ThaiteA’s experience of battling his own self, fears, and worries that won’t go for days just like sounds inside his head that only drives him crazy and stopped him from going in a pace of time.
Saturated lights and bedroom air are pretty and vicious, a cage of cotton candy that slowly burns you with a superb state of coziness but mixed with overflowing thoughts. 
As if he questions when will we be cautious of the trap that was built by our own way of thinking, the fear of losing stability and changes.
By the release of “Afraid”, ThaiteA introduces the first step on his newest art-crafting projection as a solo self-producing artist.
Listen to “Afraid” on various digital music platforms and be cautious of #WhatAreYouAfraidOf
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